Rapid Response Team


The Rapid Response Team is deployed whenever there is a missing child or vulnerable adult, that needs to be located. Sometimes it is a small child, a runaway teen or an elderly person, but they are all someone's missing family members, who need to be found as quickly as possible. The Citizen Patrol is there to help the police search the area to try to locate them quickly. Obviously, the police do not have enough officers to cover a city the size of Omaha, but with the help of the Rapid Response team, they can greatly increase the amount of people needed to patrol and search the city. The Miller Park Minne Lusa Citizen Patrol has 12 trained Rapid Responders. All the police need to do is call and within 15 minutes a group will be driving to the designated meeting place. The police give us our instructions and a complete description of the missing person and we are out on the streets searching and stopping to ask everyone we meet if they have seen the missing person. It might be 1:00 a.m. and 20 below zero, but all the more reason to act quickly. You have to have a real heart for this work to go out in the middle of night regardless of the weather, but could there be anything more rewarding than finding a missing child or vulnerable adult before something terrible happened to them. I think not...

Thanks to our loyal group of citizen patrollers for always being ready willing and able to assist our local law enforcement!

Does This Peak Your Interest

 If you are interested in becoming part of this team, contact Kathy Holtz at 402-212-7035. You would need to be able to pass a complete background check and go through our regular OCCP training class before being allowed to help. 

 Visit the OCCP Website at:                                                    www.omaha-occp.org