Community Outreach


Little Free Food Pantry

Our first Little Free Food Pantry is located at 27th & Newport in front of Anna Lemieux's home. The concept came from a similar idea, the Little Free Library, which is a library box that is open 24/7 for free access to books. This particular free food pantry was born when Vicki Holcomb accidently ran across a single Mom in need of food. Vicki and her husband Steve Holcomb built this first pantry and installed it in Minne Lusa, dedicating it to Steve's father, Jeff.



The idea is to give people 24/7 access to food without having to show proof of need or suffer embarrassment. It is also extremely convenient to drop off any donations. The premise behind the Little Free Food Pantry is to Take What You Need and Leave What You Can. Vicki says the food pantry idea is modeled from a quote by Ghandi that has always been practiced in her home, "Be the change you want to see in the world".


Our local news reporter, Chinh Doan, did a news segment featuring the Little Free Food Pantry and is pictured above with Vicki, Steve and Anna. Minne Lusa is filled with wonderful people. Thanks for showing us how to live a life of substance!