Miller Park Minne Lusa Neighborhood Association
Who Do I Call

Ever Wonder Who You Should Call?  Check This Handy Reference Guide First...


Air Quality/Odor Control                                         444-6015/444-6016 Environmental Services
Alarms Registrations                                               444-6263 City                                           
Alley Maintenance                                                   444-4919 Street Maintenance
Building Permits                                                       444-5380
Building Inspections (Construction Related)           444-5350
Cars, Junk Trailers on Public/Private Property       444-5555 Mayor's Hotline
Chuck Holes, Debris, Litter, Curb Repairs               444-4919 Street Maintenance
City Council                                                             444-5520
City Parks, Pools, Golf Courses, Rec Cntr Problem 444-5900
City Services, Information or Complaints                 444-5555 Mayor's Hotline
Code Enforcement/Planning                                   444-5371
Compost                                                                 444-6665
Driveway/Curb Permits                                           444-4978/ 444-5101
   Issued By                                                             444-5214/444-5380 Planning
Empty Bldgs, Vacant Homes, Deteriorated Bldgs   444-5555 Mayor's Hotline
Garbage Collection/ Recycling/Complaints/Info       444-5238
Hate Crimes                                                           444-4283 Police Dept.
Historic Preservation                                               444-5770 Planning
Housing Discrimination/Civil Rights Violations         444-5555
Mayor's Hotline                                                       444-5555
Mayor's Hotline TTY/TDD                                        996-8490
Mayor's Office                                                       444-5000
"No Parking" or Other Signs                                   444-5160 Traffic Engineering
Nuisance Vehicles (Dead Storage-Street or Lawn) 444-5555
Parks & Recreation                                                 444-5900
Public Works Dept.                                                 444-5220
Sewer Problems                                                     444-5332
Sidewalks - Broken or Obstructed                           444-5281
Sign Ordinance Information                                   444-5362/444-5364
Snow Removal Complaints (24 Hour Line)             444-4919
Speed Bumps                                                         444-5250
Street Construction Problems or Complaints         444-5109
TDD                                                                     444-5034
Tenant-Landlord Discrimination                             444-5055 Human Relations
Traffic Signal Not Working                                     444-5160
Trailers or Cars Parked on Front Lawns               444-5555
Tree Limbs/Hedges Blocking View of Traffic           444-5925 
Trees, Downed Limbs on City Right of Way           444-4919
Unsafe or Dangerous Building or House                 444-5555
Vehicle Already Towed                                           444-5782/444-5783
Weeds Over 18" or Yard Litter                               444-5910
Zoning Enforcement                                               444-5371
Zoning Information                                                 444-3426


Arson Hotline                                                       444-3473
Business Watch                                                     444-6518
Crime Prevention Specialists - NE                         444-3367
Community Resource Center                               444-4873
Crime in Progress                                                    911
Crime Stoppers                                                     444-7867
Criminal Investigation Bureau                                 444-5652
North Investigations (North of Dodge)                 444-5696
Domestic Violence                                                   444-5825
Fire Dept. Public Education & Affairs                     444-3560
Gang Unit, Omaha Police Dept.                             444-5990
Graffiti to Report                                                     444-5555
Narcotics Unit                                                         444-5680
Neighborhood Watch Program                               444-5772
Non-Emergency Police Dept. Line                         444-5600
Non-Emergency To Report A Crime By Phone     444-4877


Northeast (30th & Taylor)                                       444-6916
Special Victims Unit  (sexual Assault/Child Victim)   444-5636
Traffic Unit                                                             444-5860
Vice Squad                                                             444-5680
Victim Witness (Misdemeanors)                           444-4597


Animal Control (Strays, Bites, Sick or Injured Animals) 444-7800 Humane Society
Before You Dig                                                                344-3565/1-800-642-8434
City of Omaha Handgun Ordinance                                896-0454
Community Support/Energy Assistance Programs          636-3654
Concealed Carry Handgun Training                                896-0454
Cox Cable TV Complaints                                           444-4567
Community Services/First Call For Help                          211 United Way
Events HOTLINE                                                           444-6800
Gas Leaks, Water Line Breaks or Fire Hydrants           504-7777 MUD
Handicap Parking Stickers                                             444-7103 County Treasurer
Housing Discrimination (Fair Housing Center)               934-6675
Keep Omaha Beautiful                                                   444-7774
Poison Control Center                                                   1-800-222-1222
Rats, Raw Garbage, Open Frig/Freezer, Mosquitos       444-7481 Douglas Cnty Health
Safe Communities Efforts                                               896-0454
State Ombudsman (Information)                                   1-800-742-7690
Street Light Out/Electric Wires Down                             1-800-554-6773
Tenant/Landlord Legal Issues                                       348-1060 Legal Aid Society
Traffic Citation Dismissal                                               896-0454

City of Omaha's Web Page:

Mayor's Hotline Web Page:


Assessor's Office                                                         444-7060
Birth & Death Certificates                                               444-7204
Douglas County Parks - Environmental Services         444-6362
Douglas County Switchboard                                       444-7000
Driver's License Testing Locations                               595-2040 (7414 N. 30th St)
Testing Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Health Dept. Information Line                                         444-7476
Homestead Exemption from Property Taxes                 444-7185 County Assessor
Insurance                                                                       444-6099
Landfill Office & Information                                           238-2970
Marriage License - County Clerk                                   444-7143
Parks & Trails Maintenance                                           444-6362
Property Taxes                                                               444-7272
Register of Deeds/Property Ownership                         444-7194
Sanitation (Wells & Septic Systems)                               444-7485
Sheriff's Vehicle Inspection Station-8338 Chicago St.   444-7532
Surveyor - Engineer Office (County Roads/Projects)     444-6372
Treasurer's Office                                                         444-7280   


 Some of you have requested that the Omaha Housing Authority number be posted on our website, so you have the number to call for problems or issues that may arise. 
The OHA action line number is 444-6914.Information retrieved from those calls are feed into a data base incident report in order to establish problem units.





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