Miller Park Minne Lusa Neighborhood Association


Spring Clean-Up is an annual event, sponsored by the City of Omaha and hosted by the Miller Park Minne Lusa Neighrborhood Association and Citizen Patrol. Every year the city delegates when our Spring Clean-Up will be and our volunteers come together to coordinate the event. Our location is the same every year, at McMillan Magnet School on 38th & Redick. Our volunteers come together to help the neighborhood get its Spring Cleaning done. The event is free and people can drive through our line and unload all their old junk. The volunteers are there to help everyone get unloaed in a safe and timely manner. This years event was another of our great success stories, since we were able to completely fill 4 garbage trucks. We had a steady line of vehicles from 8:15 am right up until 2:00 pm and kept people from dumping illegally.
 Thank you to everyone who participated Saturday, May 6th to help keep our neighborhoods beautiful!

Trick-or-Treating On The BOOlevard

Every Halloween, October 31st, Minne Lusa Boulevard will look similar to this! Trick-or-Treating on the BOOlevard, as we like to call it, is a safe trick-or-treating event for all the families in our neighborhood. This event is sponsored by the Minne Lusa/Miller Park Neighborhood Association and Citizen Patrol, the Northeast Precinct Officers and a lot of great neighbors. Families are encouraged to come out and have a great time with free hot dogs, lots of candy stations, a place to have your picture taken and the best Halloween decorations going. This event takes months of preparation, but it is well worth it to see the delighted neighbohood children and their parents walking the boulevard in their costumes. Every year our citizen patrol volunteers patrol the streets to make sure all our children are safe. The NE Precinct officers help patrol and pass out candy. What a great way to keep Halloween a safe and fun event!

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