Miller Park Minne Lusa Neighborhood Association
Community Outreach

Little Free Food Pantry 
Our first Little Free Food Pantry is located at 27th & Newport in front of Anna Lemieux's home. The concept came from a similar idea, the Little Free Library, which is a library box that is open 24/7 for free access to books. This particular free food pantry was born when Vicki Holcomb accidently ran across a single Mom in need of food. Vicki and her husband Steve Holcomb built this first pantry and installed it in Minne Lusa, dedicating it to Steve's father, Jeff. The idea is to give people 24/7 access to food without having to show proof of need or suffer embarrassment. It is also extremely convenient to drop off any donations. The premise behind the Little Free Food Pantry is to Take What You Need and Leave What You Can. Vicki says the food pantry idea is modeled from a quote by Ghandi that has always been practiced in her home, "Be the change you want to see in the world".  Our local news reporter, Chinh Doan, did a news segment featuring the Little Free Food Pantry and is pictured above with Vicki, Steve and Anna. Minne Lusa is filled with wonderful people. Thanks for showing us how to live a life of substance!

Habitat for Humanity - Adopt-A-Lot Partners
Did you realize that Habitat for Humanity has over 150 house sites waiting to be built on? That is a lot of land to care for! Our adopt-a-lot program is a great volunteer opportunity for youth groups as well as families looking to help keep our community clean...and to ensure that Habitat families have a beautiful yard when the time is right to build and then move in. Each group will be assigned its own lot. Some lot have houses that will be renovated or demolished; others are vacant. We ask that volunteer groups commit to keeping the sidewalks of their lots clear of snow in the winter, with lot clean-up following in the Spring, mowing during the Summer and raking in the Fall. You must be able to provide your own equipment. If this seems like a lot of work, considering sharing the responsibility with another group or a neighbor. There are several lots located in this neighborhood, so it is possible to find one close to your home. If you would like more information on this program or have decided to adopt-a-lot, then please call  Habitat For Humanity at 402-457-5657 or visit the website at
Volunteer Manager is Tammie Dodge 402-884-1479.

Habitat For Humanity - Roof and Repair Program

This is a program to help people be able to roof and repair their homes. This is a 0% loan and must be paid back. To qualify:
The house must be East of 72nd St and Owner Occupied.
The household income must be 80% or less of the Area Median Income.
The owner must be able to prove they can repay the Habitat Loan.
The owner must have a clear title to the home, excluding the mortgage.
The homeowner must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity.
For more information or an application call: Ryan Paul Underwood
402-457-5657 ext#119 or

Nickels for Nails & Dollars for Doors Program
Nickels for Nails is an easy and effective fundraiser for people of all ages. Participants collect coins that go toward the cost of building decent, affordable housing in the Omaha area. Each house takes approximately 6,000 nails and each nail costs about a nickel. This means that for every $300. collected, another home can come together. How many homes can you help build? For more information call 402-457-5657 ext#114 or

Habitat For Humanity - ReStore
Ever heard of the ReStore?
At Habitat for Humanity of Omaha ReStore our mission is to help the environment and fight to end poverty housing by diverting good quality, usable materials from the landfill; providing the general public with low-cost building supplies and by using 100% of our proceeds to help build more Habitat homes in Omaha. With the help of the community we have diverted more than 2,700 tons of materials from local landfills since 2006. The Habitat ReStore is a discount home-improvement outlet that sells new, used and surplus merchandise at prices 50-70% less than their retail cost. This store is open to the public.
103 S. 24th St, Omaha, NE  402-934-1033
OPEN: Monday - Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4

Fun in the Park 2017 will be here soon! July 13th, 2017 from 4 until 8 pm with free swimming from 6 until 8, courtesy of the Mayor's Office...Thank you Mayor Stothert!
*We are still in desperate need of brand new bikes for our raffle and miscellaneous funds for all the extra items we need, like: condiments, grill rental, paper products, etc. If you or a business you are aware of can help us with a donation...especially a bicycle...please contact Theola Cooper at 402-444-3367. If your donation is a value of $100. or more, your name will be added to our list of sponsors. Remember...these bicycles are going to under-privleged children, who would otherwise never experience the thrill of owning their own bike!
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