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Our Neighborhood Association has made Miller Park and Minne Lusa a more beautiful place to live. We have planted flowers on both the big island and small island on Martin Avenue, thanks to Sharon!

We all love to recycle and you can bring your aluminum cans with you to the neighborhood association meeting the first Thursday of every month at the pavilion in Miller Park. Give your cans to Beth, who will recycle them to help support the Minne Lusa House.

Please use your recycle bins every week! Make it a goal to completely fill your bin every single week. If you get ambicious and find that one bin is not enough, just call the Solid Waste Helpline at 402-444-5238 and request an additional bin. You can also call if you have questions about recycling.

You can also receive a new bin at the Charles B. Washington Branch Library at 2868 Ames Ave. during regular hours.

Old paint, cleaning fluids, paint thinner, bascially anything liquid that you are no longer using can be recycled at 
Under The Sink, Special Waste Facility
4001 South 120th St.
Drive around the building to the parking lot and enter the office.

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Call (402) 453-4914
Ask for Rosalind
Miller Park Minne Lusa
Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 12504
Omaha, NE  68112


The Minne Lusa House was a brainstorm of Beth and Sharon, who thought it would be a great idea to have a house in the neighborhood where neighbors could congregate. They bought a HUD house that was in extremely poor condition in August of 2010 and began renovation. They completely restored the old house to one that is now the pride of the neighborhood. This home is now used for meetings, cooking classes, canning classes and a morning coffee stop on Saturdays. They are always canning something and you can purchase a variety of home-made goods including: jelly, olives, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, bascially anything that can be canned. The money is used to help support the house. The Minne Lusa House is open every Saturday from 9 to noon, so stop by at 2737 Mary St and have a cup of coffee with your neighbors. To keep up with current events and products for sale at the Minne Lusa House, just "friend" them on Facebook.



Another "friend" you may want to add to your Facebook family is the Minne Lusa Historic District. The Minne Lusa Historic District is interested in promoting this subdivision and was instrumental in obtaining the Historic District title to Minne Lusa.


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